Even the best models depreciate quickly

Recreational vehicles, or campervans if you are from the UK, are a thing of luxury and style. A personal abode on wheels that you can drive to any location within the country and have a spot of tea or coffee while enjoying the local culture, food, traditions or even just the sunset. However, as fancy as the idea sounds, a darker issue lies within the entire concept. It is called the RV depreciation it is something that can make you lose money far more quickly than you might imagine.

While there are millions of RVs out there, most of these have either already lost well over half their worth or worse. You might think to buy a brand-new one will ensure that doesn't happen; here's a curveball for you Find more about this. A brand new 2018 model, according to the surveys, lost 31% of its value just within the first year alone. And we are not talking about a regular sized model either. RV depreciation changed the mindset of people and pushed them to make logical decisions.

In case you are someone who was interested in buying an RV before reading this, we do have advice for yours. Instead of going for a brand new RV, consider buying one that has been used slightly. It would save you just a while longer and probably save some money as well.

RVs are big, consumer space and are rather slow. However, the upshot is that you get luxury and comfort literally a few paces away. Consider buying a slightly used RV and if required, use the saved amount to ensure everything is up to date and ready to go before setting off. This might ease the RV depreciation but it will never stop it.